Playing sports is one of the best ways for kids to keep healthy and fit. Unfortunately, whatever sports or exercise, young ones always run the risk of some sort of injury. However remote the possibility is, the constant strain on the body eventually adds up, leading to excessive stress on their young joints and muscles that eventually lead to an injury. In a recent post, Kevin Voigt of NerdWallet lists ‘The 11 Most Dangerous Sports Your Child Can Play’.

“With the advent of year round sport, in Southern California, we have seen a rise of overuse injuries in certain sports. Football, basketball and soccer would lead that list,” Petrie added. “Thirty years ago, a specific sport lasted three or four months and then kids changed sport, now kids are playing sport year-round. This can overstress certain parts of the immature skeleton.”

Sports injuries are becoming very common in children and teens as more and more parents, pediatricians, psychologists and formative institutions are acknowledging and adhering to the benefits of physical play. In the event of a serious injury while playing, therefore, immediate access to a Riverside sports medicine clinic, for instance, can be crucial to a child’s survival of the injury.



A dislocation is one of the most dangerous sports injuries children can have. Dislocations can occur on major joints such as the shoulders and knees, and minor joints such as the toes and fingers. Regardless of where they occur, dislocations are considered a medical emergency. On the way to the doctor, companions of the injured can minimize the swelling by applying ice to the area.

Surgical treatment for a dislocated joint

Immediate treatment for dislocation mainly focuses on returning the joint to its normal position through nonsurgical means. If this cannot be achieved, surgery will likely be required.

What kind of doctor can perform surgery on a dislocated joint?

Primary physicians do not have the specialized training and equipment necessary to perform surgery on a dislocated joint. If a dislocation that requires surgery is found upon examination and testing, it is important to see a Riverside, CA orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Wade Faerber.

(Source: The 11 Most Dangerous Sports Your Child Can Play, NerdWallet, 07.25.14)

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