The Lottery has ended, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have once again snagged the first pick out of all the competition. They have the luxury of time in choosing the best pick on the draft, and a May 20, 2014 Los Angeles Times article argues the benefit of choosing a certain player despite a glaring question mark:


“In most drafts, taking someone with Joel Embiid’s skill set with the No. 1 pick would be a no-brainer decision. In today’s NBA that is dominated by stretch forwards and score-first point guards, truly elite centers are very rare and that is exactly what Embiid can turn into with a couple of years of professional seasoning.


However, the 2014 draft is far from a typical draft. It is loaded with NBA-ready talent in Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker… among others. Embiid himself is about as high-risk, high-reward as it comes for a college prospect.


Cleveland will certainly have to consider Embiid’s injury history if it wants to take him with the No. 1 pick. Yes, he is a transcendent talent, but he missed the most important games in Kansas’ season with back issues, which is concerning for a 7’ center who isn’t even old enough to buy a beer yet.”


Embiid will have a lot of hype to answer to if he comes in at number 1, with comparisons to the stellar career of Hakeem Olajuwon and the disappointment one Greg Oden’s looming somewhere. Californian athletes who find themselves in a similar situation and want to explode on the court after recovering from injury should consider going through proper Riverside sports medicine procedures to help them achieve that.

There are a lot of injuries that can debilitate and stop an athlete from showing his or her full potential on the court. For basketball players, knee injuries and foot fractures are some of the most common ones that keep them from showing everyone what their games are all about.

This is why it is important for these athletes in California to find reliable doctors like Dr. Wade Faerber. These doctors know procedures that can help players regain the orientation and range of movement their bodies once enjoyed before injury struck. It will also allow players to perform to their full potential.

Players like Embiid who have a lot to prove to the world should not let injury hold them back. Teaming up with a great sports doctor will help them showcase their talents and exceed people’s expectations.

(Source: Joel Embiid Worth Top Pick Despite Injury Risk, Los Angeles Times, May 20, 2014)

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