Here are some of the success stories, reviews and comments from Dr. Faerber’s patients

  • Jackie B.
  • Steven H.
  • Scott T.
  • Margaret S.
  • Jim E.
  • Steven B.
  • Jose G.
  • Mary P.

I just want to express my gratitude to Dr. Faerber.  He made me feel comfortable and safe during my first surgical procedure ever when I had my ACL repaired.  He even called me later in the evening to check on me.  He worked along with the athletic trainer at the college I was attending to make sure that I had a top notch rehab program to get me back onto the court in a safe and timely manner.  He truly cared how I was doing and about my outcome.

Now as a college softball coach, I refer all of my athletes to Dr. Faerber.  He has been an asset to me as a patient, an athlete and now as a professional.

– Jackie B. – Head Softball Coach -Citrus College

Dear Dr. Faerber,

I am writing on behalf of my wife, Maria Howard, and myself, to thank you for the excellent treatment that Maria received from you and your facilities after shattering her left kneecap in a fall on August 16, 2013.

You are a kind man and a great surgeon, and we very much appreciate all that you did for Maria.

We also thank all of the staff at both Arrowhead Orthopaedics at Riverwalk and at the San Antonio Ambulatory Surgical Center located in Upland, California.

The Surgical Center concept is wonderful, and the facility in Upland is just superb. We were amazed at the efficiency, cleanliness and service overall. What a difference between the Surgical Center and any regular hospital that we had experience with.

In closing, we thank you again Dr. Faerber. Maria suffered a terrible injury, and we were lucky to have found you and Arrowhead Orthopaedics.


Captain Steven H. , American Airlines, Rtd.

Dr. Faerber was our “team Physician” for approximately 11 years – and he still serves as a Sports Medicine consultant.  I couldn’t say enough concerning his evidence based knowledge and skill.

– Scott T.  –  MS, A.T.,C. Head Athletic Trainer/Adjunct Faculty – Cypress College

Dear Dr. Faerber,

I’m sending you this message on behalf of my mother, Carol Kenyon, and myself. I/We are so appreciative of the wonderful care that you, and your staff, have given to us. You have established a doctor/patient trust that is rarely found in the medical industry today. As the professional that you are, you listened to all of my mother’s needs and showed empathy for what she was going through. You always took the time to answer all her questions, and mine, which made it more comfortable for her to make the right decision to have hip replacement surgery. Prior to the surgery, during her surgery and to this day you continue to show support and encouragement to her that makes her want to work hard towards a quick recovery. Whether it was visits to your office or during my mother’s stay in the hospital, it was evident to me that you are a well respected doctor and professional. In the eyes of my mother, you are her caring and compassionate doctor that makes darn sure that she is well taken care of. What a compliment from a woman in her 80’s!
My personal message to you is well overdue so my words are retroactive to when you performed not one, but two knees surgeries prior to her latest hip replacement.
Our family is grateful for all that you have done and will continue to share our Mother’s experience with others.

Margaret S.

I have been a patient of dr. Faerber for over a year. He has done two of my surgeries. He takes his time to go over the whole procedure and tells you exactly what’s going to happen. He doesn’t promise anything he can’t deliver. I’d recommend him and his staff highly and thank them for everything they’ve done for me.

– Jim E.

I have been a Orthopedic Patient of Dr. Faerber for over 20 years. I have found him to be courteous and professional, and always easy to talk with about Diagnosis and Treatment. I have always received Excellent care for all Injuries, Surgeries and Follow-up appointments. In my opinion Dr. Faerber is a Excellent Orthopedic Physician and Surgeon.

-Steven B.

I was highly impressed with his professionalism and the way he was very helpful in answering all of my questions. He was respectful and informative on my particular case. I am extremely thankful for his help.

– Jose G.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Faerber and the staff at Arrowhead Orthopeadics, Riverside office and the great surgical staff at the Redlands Surgical Center.

Upon arriving to the offices of Arrowhead Orthopaedics I was always greeted by professional individuals who were eager to assist me. Whether it was just checking in for my appointments or me asking for the staff to complete various forms for my employer and insurance.

I had knee surgery that went off without a hitch. Dr. Faerber is extremely caring, he listens, he explains what procedure needs to be done and he gladly answered all my questions.

Thank You Dr. Faerber and the amazing staff at Arrowhead Orthopaedics for being there for me.

 Mary P.


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“Dr. Faerber answered all of my questions completely. He has a great professional
manner. I felt very comfortable going into
surgery with him and his staff. They were so
attentive, you could not be in better hands”.

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